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Welcome to our Links to Horror
         Visit the Chambers of Horror's Home page...
                    Home Page for the scoop on the Chambers of Horror.
                    Schedule of events, watch for this years changes.
                    Directions to our southwest Ohio haunted house.
                    Special promotions and a coupon good for any night.
                     Ghost Hunters from ParaVizionz visited the Chambers, see what happened...
         See what people are saying about the Chambers of Horror...
                    Reviews by the people that matter most, our Customers!
                    Photo Gallery has our pictures from the past years and glimses of the present.
         Links to Horror- some of the best of the web
                    The Chambers Merchandise link will take you to our halloween store
                    Halloween Related Links is a mixed bag of old and new links
                    Haunted Projects, enough to fill any size haunt
                    Haunted How To, look here for the answers
                    Guestbook to sign if you dare
                    Surveys on haunted house topics
                    Bulletin Board- messages about any halloween happenings
                    Horror Web Rings- a collection of web rings devoted to halloween
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