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Haunted House Projects
    2scaryguys - Find lots of unique projects and information for your Halloween enjoyment. Whether you are a beginning haunter wanting to add some excitement for trick-or-treating, or you want to improve your haunted house, we have lots of information and unique projects for you here at 2scaryguys
    ImaginEERIEing - Welcome, foolish mortal, to ImaginEERIEing, where you can find frightful ways to haunt your habitat with deranged decor and creepy crafts. 
    Monster List of  Halloween Projects - The Monsterlist is the most complete collection of links to home pages with do-it-yourself projects on them that I have ever seen. These are not your little kids Halloween crafts, every scary devious seriously spooky prop and project designed for scaring people is listed here. Most importantly, the list is checked periodically for accuracy. This is not an all-inclusive list of everything Halloween, the Monsterlist has no popups or sponsors, it is a volunteer site and will stay that way, it is not a index of professionals pushing their wares. It is simply a gathering place of projects and ideas that people who build their own Halloween props can use. Usually I have linked to the project page itself however I recommend browsing from there to the owners main Halloween page, there is usually plenty of interesting Halloween information.
    How To - some Halloween DIY projects - build Toy Motor Sound Servo Control , build a 20 sec digital sound system , using R-S digital sound recorder/player in the haunt , build the "Jumpin Jack" Coil , build a 12 volt d.c. color organ , see the bones in this home made mummy
    Halloween Archives -